Digitalize your World

Every web & mobile app contained with its own world. With the best competencies, we lead your business
innovation and digitalization.

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Our Approach

Client to Partner

We truly want to know our client, and with every client we aim for the long-term partnership. This allows us not only to maintain good relationships, but also we are able to understand your business, you company, your team, and with that we can build better products or solutions for your company's customers. We are with both hands for transparency, honesty, integrity.

Risk Management

Identify and manage obstacles before they are at sight. To identify potential risks at the start of and during any software project is critical in the success of that project. Risks can come from any place — from budget, schedule, technology, and people to name just a few. We identify and deal with all of those as well as ensure continuity in the project. Whether we’re facing a challenge for the first time or the hundredth time, our team proposes, validates, and implements solutions that make the most sense for the project.

Focusing on client’s needs

We use human-centered design process for every screen, view, and app we design and build. The process ensures that the design match the needs and capabilities of the people for whom they are intended. What are their needs? More importantly, what are the behaviors motivating those needs? By taking a human-centered design approach, we’re able to better meet and anticipate people’s expectations as they interact with your business and products.

Constant Study

Every day, new technologies are being developed. No one knows all of them. However we strive to catch up and acquire those technologies. Through this, MKIT team is working on the basis of improving technical completeness.
Even now you’re reading this, we are studying to satisfy our clients and partners.

Our Values

Each our team member is different
But we all go along with these values in MKIT